Guido Cavalcanti - Opera Omnia
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1255 - Birth

1300 - Rime
Ah why! why were mine eyes not quenched for me
Alas, my spirits, that ye come to find me
A love-lit glance, with living powers fraught
At last I am reduced to self compassion
Beauty of woman, of the knowing heart
Because no hope is left me, Ballatetta
Being in thought of love I came upon
Come, come Manetto, look upon this scarecrow
Dante, a sigh, that's the heart's messenger
Dante, I pray thee, if thou Love discover
I daily come to thee uncounting times
If all my life be but some deathly moving
I fear me lest unfortune's counter thrust
If I should pray this lady pitiless
If mercy were the friend of my desires
If Santalena does not come unto you
In wood-way found I once a shepherdess
I pray ye gentles, ye who speak of grief
I saw the eyes, where Amor took his place
Lady, my most rash eyes, the first who used
Light do I see within my Lady's eyes
My lady's face it is they worship there
Nay, when I would have sent my verses to thee
News have I now for thee, so hear, Nerone
Now can I tell you tidings of mine eyes
Now every cool small spring that springeth sweetly
O lady mine, doth not thy sight allege
Sith need hath bound my heart in bands of grief
So vilely is this soul of mine confounded
Subtle the spririt striking through the eyes
Surely thine intellect gives no embrace
The eyes of this gentle maid of the forest
The grace of youth in Toulouse ventureth
The harshness of my strange and new misventure
This most lief lady, where doth Love display him
Tho' all thy piteous mercy fall away
Thou fill'st my mind with griefs so populous
Thou hast in thee the flower and the green
Thou mayest see, who seest me face to face
Thou sawest, it seems to me, all things availing
Weeping ye see me, in Grief's company
Were I that I once was worthy of Love
Who is she coming, drawing all men's gaze
You, who do breach mine eyes and touch the heart
You, who within your eyes so often carry

1300 - Death



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